We enable payments - globally

Secure, hassle-free payment solutions – in all channels

Making a payment must be simple and secure. You should be able to choose the payment method that best suits you and your customers, now and in the future – wherever you have your business.

Focusing on smart transaction and payment solutions for merchant in-store as well as for e-commerce and self-service markets, Westpay is able to offer a complete solution for all types of payments working with a broad range of resellers within various industries, such as retail, hospitality, and the retail banking sectors.


Westpay has a strong and proven payment platform from which we can create exclusive and flexible offerings for individual customers, in physical as well as online environments. Thanks to our extensive experience, the latest technology and a unique business model which enables us to provide the best possible service while still being entirely independent, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions for all kinds of merchant payments, in all environments and within all industries – across borders.

With Westpay you will never compete with your supplier about the customers; a common enough situation when you are dealing with larger players who are present in several parts of the value chain. On the contrary, our unique business model, where we collaborate closely with local resellers, creates increased business opportunities for you, globally.

Westpay is a solution provider for:

  • Retail
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Fuel & Charging
  • Retail Banking


Westpay’s customer offerings aim at creating more efficient payment flows within merchant in-store, e-commerce and self-service. The comprehensive customer offering, which contains solutions for all these three channels, not only makes us unique within the industry but also enables exclusive customisations.

Our solutions may vary somewhat for different businesses and are always entirely dependent on each customer’s specific needs and requirements. But still resting on a solid and proven core technology platform catering for highest possible reliability.


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Spring 2020 Product launch challenge the Fintech industry and take the payment user experience to new levels.
Spring 2020 Product launch challenge the Fintech industry and take the payment user experience to new levels.

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