We enable payments - globally


Focusing on smart transaction and payment solutions for merchant in-store as well as for the e-commerce and self-service markets, Westpay offers a complete solution for all types of payments working with a broad range of resellers within various industries, such as retail, hotels and restaurants, and the retail banking sector.

Westpay has unique capabilities for both fast time-to-market and customization, with full range payment competencies and proven scalable payment system solutions.

Westpay is an Oracle Gold Partner and provide payment solutions with full support for Oracle’s POS solutions in the Hospitality segment.


Westpay provides state of the art payment solutions for In-store and Card Present transactions. There are terminals for all markets and applications, ranging from countertop to mobile devices as well as unattended terminals.

The terminals are all supported by the same unique payment application prepared for fast time-to-market and customization. It allows for rapid software development and maintenance. Westpay has an unprecedented software architecture with only one payment application for all terminals, markets and applications.

Westpay’s payment solution further minimizes the life time cost for the merchants. Terminals being deployed to the field will configure themselves and handle key loading automatically, immensely simplifying processes for new installations and swaps. In the same way, software updates have never been easier!

With a few clicks: parameters, applications, patches and even keys can be remotely pushed into the payment terminals. The scope can be defined to individual terminals, groups or even whole merchants instantly or at a time defined by our customer. Giving them the tool to plan any future deployment in a controlled manner.

Being designed for high transaction volume applications and covering all relevant transactions types with multi-acquirer support, all users within the Retail, Hospitality and Retail Banking segments can benefit from the Westpay In-store and Card Present payment solution.


  • Counter-top terminals
  • Mobile terminals
  • Unattended terminals


Westpay handles card payments in all channels. By adding online payment solutions to the existing customer offerings within payment infrastructure for physical environments, Westpay creates a complete and unique omnichannel payment solution.

As a result, those clients with needs for payment solutions in physical environments, as well as in e-commerce and mobile apps, can have the complete solution delivered from one single supplier. This enables e.g. restaurant or store chains to identify their customers, regardless of whether these are shopping onsite or online.

Something which is virtually impossible when you have payment systems from different suppliers. In the e-commerce product Westpay handles online card payments from web or mobile app. Beyond that the solution is highly customizable.

The e-commerce function can be white-labeled and be used in a separate window or form (redirect), or tightly integrated into the web shop of the merchant. Reporting and end of day handling can be tailored to suit the individual needs from each and every customer.


Westpay has a long history within the self-service sector, where payment terminals are used in unattended payment environments. Users can be found throughout the Hospitality segment. In fast food restaurants, the self-service concept is constantly gaining importance.

This concept saves time and money for the customer as well as the restaurant. With self-service, two out of three steps are transferred to the consumer (ordering and paying) and the merchant can focus on customer service (delivery).

Staff reduction and less manual involvement are some positive effects, but perhaps the greatest is increased sales. Experience shows that the average restaurant bill from a self-service purchase is higher compared to paying to a cashier.

Self-service in general is making rapid headway and Westpay is unique, in that we have a complete self-service and payment solution. Westpay offers self-service solutions compliant with the highest possible security class, something very important in unattended environments.