West International launches the WESTPAY brand

West International launches the WESTPAY brand
9 May, 2018 patric
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The company has during the past years undergone a total transformation to become a global supplier of payment services. Now the company takes the next step on this journey by launching the name Westpay, across all aspects of the brand. This includes not only a new logo and graphical identity but represents the entire value the company delivers in improving payments for merchant in-store, e-commerce and self-service.

The foundation of the name Westpay is made up by the company’s core values: Trust, Together and Pioneering. The graphical identity also symbolizes the position which the company has established on the market by having a unique offering and daring to think differently. All to challenge existing solutions and radically improve the way our customers get paid.

In 2017, our Payment Gateway was certified and approved by the payment industry. We are building on this strategic technical investment and are currently taking the next step in the company’s development, by creating a payment solution for online payments.

As a result, those of our clients with needs for payments in physical environments, e-commerce and mobile apps, can have the complete solution delivered from one single supplier. This enables restaurant or retail chains to identify their customers, regardless of whether these are shopping onsite or online, something virtually impossible when you have payment systems from different suppliers.

Our independence and holistic approach will continue to permeate the extensive suite of payment solutions that we offer in all existing channels.

At the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 17th of May, the Board of Directors has proposed a change of the Article of Association with a new company name. Under the condition that this change is approved, which shareholders representing more than 50 % of the votes supports, the new company name will be Westpay AB.

Westpay’s new homepage including logo, icons and examples of graphical asset is available here: www.westpay.se

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