Say Hi to CARBON

Our most versatile family of payment terminal yet. Lightning fast with the power to run third party applications without compromising performance of the core payment functionality whilst maintaining the highest security standards to-date.

A brilliant payment experience

Big screens are not small matters. CARBON payment terminals have the largest screen to body ratio yet, whilst maintaining a small physical footprint. A grand design in a most robust package makes CARBON a grand experience for the user.

The power of Android

CARBON is the first complete product range of payment terminals built on Android, the world’s most versatile and far reaching operating system. Through Android, CARBON enables Cloud based payment solutions, tight integration to external point-of-sales applications and remote updating for flexible customization. Effortlessly!

Mobility first, for a mobile world

Mobility is top priority in a world that has gone mobile. CARBON comes with the next generation mobility with support for 4G and dual band WiFi with roaming capabilities. On top of that, CARBON has an ergonomic and lightweight design for the best portable experience.




We are intrigued. We trust you are too!

Contact us to find out more and how you can take advantage of something all new – for better payments!