About Westpay

We enable payments - globally

Our purpose – Growing Together

Westpay is a purpose driven company which is synthesized in “Growing Together”. We live this purpose every day and to us it means growing together as individuals and colleagues, growing together with our customers and partners, and of course growing together with our shareholders!

Our core values

Together, Trust and Pioneering

About Westpay

Making a payment must be simple and secure. You should be able to choose the payment method that best suits you and your customers, now and in the future – wherever you have your business.

Westpay enables all of this. We provide smart transaction- and payment solutions for merchant in-store as well as for the e-commerce and self-service markets. We are able to offer a complete solution for all types of payments and for all kinds of applications within various industries, such as retail, hotels and restaurants and the retail banking sector.

How is this possible?
In short – through extensive industry experience and a pioneering mindset, where we know how to handle payments in both the physical and online channels, along with a unique business model that is based on close collaboration between suppliers and users and cutting-edge technology developments.

With our Payment Gateway, Westpay handles most merchant payments without third party involvement. It increases our own as well as our customers’ independence, which is a great advantage in this industry. At Westpay we don’t compete with our customers. You are guaranteed a strong and neutral partnership, safe in the knowledge that your business is never challenged by us. Our payment solution is fully PCI certified ensuring the highest possible level of security.

Our independence and holistic approach further permeate the extensive suite of payment solutions that we offer in all existing channels. As a reseller or merchant, you only have to deal with one single supplier.

We know the industry’s requirements – and have unique opportunities to provide corresponding offerings. Westpay was founded in 1988 and is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm since 2007. The company is active in five main market areas: The Nordic countries, Europe, Africa, South- and South East Asia, and Australia.

”As you can imagine, this report will be in a context where Corona plays the leading role. We entered 2020 with a small but noticeable tailwind. Since our last interim report, the world has changed completely, and this basically overnight. We have had to adjust our playbook, and radically change our tactic to face this new, dramatic challenge on our society.



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