Growing together

Patric Nilsson

Product Manager

Patric Nilsson

Position: Product Manager

Training: 3-year technical with postgraduate education in Mechanical Design, certified Project and Product Manager.

Previous experience: Has worked in Westpay for many years in different roles for example as service manager, technical sales support and project manager.

Age: 32

Why Westpay?

It was a coincidence that I came to start at Westpay. At the time I worked extra at Westpay’s service department when i got the question if I were interested in a full time position. The idea was to move on to studies but after some thought I chose to accept Westpays offer. I then stayed in the company. In retrospect, I had applied for the job again if I had had the chance. I have been part of a development journey for both myself and the company. During my time here, many positive things have happened!

What is most fun with your job as a Product manager?

I like that I get to do so many different things, it’s very creative. I get to be involved and help others in the company and become both support function and client. I also think it is fun and stimulating to meet customers and analyze the market, I get to see the whole process from start to finish.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to apply for a job with Westpay?

The most important thing to consider when you come to Westpay is that we all are team players here. We are a mix of people who do things together and work towards common goals. It is an open-minded climate where everyone is welcome. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask and to make your voice heard, there are no silly ideas!!