Klas Wallin

Klas Wallin

Payment Gateway Administrator

Klas Wallin

Position: Senior Administrator Payment Gateway Operations

Training: 4-year technical line and several product-specific courses.

Previous experience: Over 10 years in the payment industry, mainly in parking and app solutions for parking.

Age: 52

Why Westpay?

Previously I’ve worked over 10 years in the payment industry and wanted to try something new, somewhere where I could develop more. I got a tip from an employee, who worked at Westpay, about the job. The fact that Westpay was in the same industry but was a little smaller company attracted me. I also got to work with a very competent manager that I had worked together with previously.

What is most fun with your job as a Payment Gateway Administrator?

To be set up for new tasks where you must think things through carefully. I think it’s fun with problem solving and challenges. It is something that I have always been motivated by. Working with creative and lovely colleagues also makes it fun to go to work.

How is it to work at Westpay?

It’s exciting and there is a lot going on all the time. As a person I am a competitive and when Westpay is compared with competing companies it is a spur to me that we are at the forefront and that we are innovative.

I have very good colleagues which is important to me. You can turn to anyone no matter what problem you’re stuck with.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to apply for a job with Westpay?

To be open and sincere about yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask. There is a high degree of mutual respect here.