Hilma- Maria Tivegård

Hilma- Maria Tivegård

Software Developer

Hilma- Maria Tivegård

Position: Software Developer

Training: Master of Science in Engineering Physics

Previous experience: Has worked as a system developer for many years in both small and large companies, mostly in economics and finance.

Age: 37

Why Westpay?

I thought it was an interesting company. For me it is important to work with a product that will benefit society, you do that on Westpay. When I visited the company, I got a very good impression of my manager, Mattias, as well as of the colleagues who seemed down to earth and talented.

What is most fun with your job as a Software Developer?

I like problem solving and getting new challenges. To get an insight into how payments work, and to be a part of developing solutions for this is fun.

How is it to work on Westpay?

I have a good manager who has great confidence in his employees and our ability.  We are encouraged to train and to go to conferences. It is a flexible job and it is easy to combine work with family life, which I value. Then it is amazing that we can train on working hours and that the company invests in health and wellness.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to apply for a job with Westpay?

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask, everyone who works here is very helpful and talented. If you don´t have knowledge about the industry with payment solutions, you should not be discouraged because your colleagues will help you get this knowledge. It is appreciated that you are questionable and give your own views and suggestions for improvements.